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Maheshi Jayathilaka

Maheshi Jayathilake

Maheshi Jayathilaka

Senior Legal Associate

Maheshi is a Legal Associate at the Firm. She took oaths as an Attorney at Law of the Supreme Court in the Republic of Sri Lanka in 2012 and is also a licensed Notary Public. She has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience of over 8 years in the field of conveyancing.

She is primarily involved in matters relating to real estate transactions as well as all other legal documents and instruments which require notarial attestation. She is also familiar with the protocols and procedures at land registries, in terms of obtaining and analyzing the extracts in relation to the land and verifying the title of lands. She is also responsible for the preparation of title reports for individuals, companies, banks and other lending institutions.

Furthermore, she assists in the attestation and execution of deeds of transfer, mortgage bonds, deeds of rectification, agreements to sell, lease agreements and other agreements.