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Company Secretaries in Sri Lanka

Invictus Law stands as a leading provider of company secretarial services in Sri Lanka, adept at managing the entire spectrum of business registration needs seamlessly and effectively. Our comprehensive expertise ensures compliance with the Companies Act, guiding the establishment and operation of both local and foreign companies in Sri Lanka.

Navigating the intricacies of company incorporation demands precision and adherence to legal frameworks and timelines. Any deviation may result in penalties and delays, amplifying costs. Engaging experienced company secretaries for your business registration in Sri Lanka mitigates these risks.

Our services encompass a diverse array of transactions within corporate entities, addressing the needs of boards of directors, shareholders, and external stakeholders.

company secretarial services

Company Secretarial Services Offered:

  • Incorporation of a Company: Facilitating the establishment process.
  • Filing of Documents: Ensuring compliance by filing necessary paperwork with the Registrar of Companies for all corporate transactions and concerns.
  • Corporate Restructuring and Amalgamation: Assisting in strategic reorganization.
  • Share Reductions and Buy-Backs: Managing these crucial processes.
  • Company Liquidation: Guiding through the winding-up process for companies.

Entrust your business registration and company secretarial matters to our seasoned professionals at Invictus Law. Contact us today for seamless and efficient handling of your business affairs in Sri Lanka.