Our Practice Areas

Corporate & Commercial Lawyers in Sri Lanka

As proficient corporate and commercial lawyers in Sri Lanka, Invictus Law focuses on representing entrepreneurs, corporations, local and foreign investors, and public-private partnerships. Our adept team specializes in facilitating corporate transactions and navigating the complexities of commercial contracts crucial to operating businesses within Sri Lanka.

Our extensive expertise lies in drafting a spectrum of agreements including Marketing Agreements, Supply of Services Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Agency and Distributorship Agreements, as well as Share Purchase and Joint Venture Agreements within the Sri Lankan legal framework.

We take pride in offering practical and commercially sound advice to support business initiation, management, and stakeholder interactions.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Corporate & Commercial Law Services: Our services encompass diverse areas including:
  • Company establishment in Sri Lanka and securing regulatory approvals across various sectors.
  • Structuring shareholder arrangements.
  • Facilitating joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Handling share and asset sales and acquisitions.
  • Implementing business entity restructures and reorganizations.
  • Advising on mergers and acquisitions.
  • Assisting with foreign investments.

Mergers & Acquisitions Expertise:

Our firm specializes in guiding mergers and acquisitions processes across industries for local and international clients. Leveraging our business acumen and technical proficiency, we ensure our clients negotiate and finalize deals aligned with their best interests.

Whether initiating a company in Sri Lanka or seeking counsel on any corporate matters, consult our specialized legal team at Invictus Law today for tailored solutions.