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Employment & Labour Lawyers in Sri Lanka

Invictus Law stands as a leading authority on labour and employment legislation in Sri Lanka, offering comprehensive counsel to both employers and employees across the spectrum of labour and employment matters. Our expertise extends to drafting collective agreements in Sri Lanka, ensuring legal compliance and strategic management of employment relationships.

Comprehensive Employment Services:

Our array of services encompasses structuring employment contracts, adeptly managing employer-employee relationships in adherence to pertinent employment laws. Our offerings further include:

  • Drafting employment contracts.
  • Drafting consultant agreements.
  • Formulating collective agreements.
  • Guidance on managing employer-employee relationships.
  • Conducting disciplinary hearings.
  • Resolving disputes related to resignations and terminations.
  • Handling terminations, extensions of employment, and retrenchments.

Why Choose Experienced Labour Lawyers?

  • In navigating complex employment and labour issues, the expertise of a seasoned lawyer is indispensable.
  • Navigating Legal Complexities: Employment law is intricate and ever-evolving; our experienced lawyers help you navigate these complexities effortlessly.
  • Guidance on Employment Practices: We offer valuable advice on adhering to proper employment practices, ensuring compliance with the law for employers.
  • Fighting Discrimination and Harassment: Our support extends to safeguarding employees against discrimination and harassment, ensuring fair employment practices.
  • Representation in Disputes: In case of employment disputes, our lawyers adeptly negotiate to ensure fair resolutions.
  • Efficient Handling of Benefits and Compensation Matters: Our team ensures proper handling of benefits, compensation, and retirement-related issues in line with regulations.

Services for Employers:

Our HR lawyers specialize in structuring employment contracts, managing employer-employee relationships, and offering guidance on various employment matters including disciplinary hearings, resignations, terminations, and retrenchments.

Facing labour or employment-related issues? Connect with one of our expert lawyers today for proficient legal counsel and resolution!