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Intellectual Property Lawyers in Sri Lanka

Invictus Law specializes in intellectual property law, aimed at safeguarding and establishing rights to various creations, including inventions, designs, brands, artwork, and music. Our team of dedicated IP lawyers excels in trademark registration, unfair competition, industrial designs, copyrights, and patent registration.

The Importance of Intellectual Property Protection:

Preserving your intellectual property rights is crucial. Your innovative work deserves protection against unauthorized use or theft. Without proper legal safeguards, there’s a risk of someone appropriating your creation. Intellectual property law is intricate, requiring specialized expertise—an essential reason to engage the services of an expert intellectual property lawyer in Sri Lanka.

Our Intellectual Property Services:

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to intellectual property matters, including:

  • Conducting clearance searches, trademark filings, portfolio management, maintenance, renewals, and prosecution.
  • Handling trademark infringement and enforcement matters.
  • Facilitating patent registrations, including Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications, renewals, assignments, and licensing contracts.
  • Managing industrial design registrations, oppositions, and renewals.
  • Drafting assignments and license contracts related to intellectual property rights.
  • Providing guidance on unfair competition and enforcing intellectual property rights.
  • Offering advice on copyright-related matters and handling infringement actions.

Consult Expert Intellectual Property Lawyers:

Seeking experienced intellectual property lawyers in Sri Lanka? Look no further than the adept legal team at Invictus Law. Contact us today for a consultation and ensure your intellectual property rights are secure!